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Water damage is the most unpleasant thing that can happen to a homeowner and household property. It is especially frustrating when you come across a flooded basement. Wet basements occur more often than you can expect or think of. They leave behind them severe damage and forthcoming issues to the property. The problems with home safety and family health may also emerge. So, it is high time to consider all these reasons for basement waterproofing today without waiting for any issues to appear. Do not allow your basement to become a snug colony of pests, mold, or mildew. Prevent their appearance by contacting your local North York basement waterproofer to get your household and its lower layers thoroughly inspected and maintained. Make sure that your house is reliably protected and the well-being of your family is guaranteed.

Our Waterproofing services available in North York

If you recognized some basement problems (gathering damp patches, leaks, cracks), be sure to seek the help of Tornado Plumbing & Drains to provide you with the best waterproofing solutions.

Search for Practical Experience, Good Qualifications, and Reliable Service

Many options of plumbing contractors are waiting for you. All of them offer the best services ever. So what do you need to look for to feel protected and on the safe side? Your local Tornado Plumbing & Drains is the best choice for many reasons. Opting for our services, you choose dedicated and experienced waterproofing service providers that can be fully trusted for the quality of work and the reliability of all the procedures.

Our experts are experienced and well-trained in detecting any sub-grade problems with moisture, excess water, leaking, and flooding. They can successfully cope with the appropriate design and reliable installation of any drainage system. They also deal effectively with humidity control with the help of the most modern and efficient materials.

All the technicians at Tornado Plumbing & Drains in North York are fully certified and licensed. Their unique expertise allows them to fix any basement problems. We are your most trusted assistants, so you can get rid of all the basement leaking and flooding issues forever!


Get a quote. Fix your basement problems. Be fully satisfied.

Basement waterproofing is easy with Tornado Plumbing & Drains. Compare ways to solve your waterproofing issues, and save money. We care about you, your home, and the work we do. See all cities where Tornado is.


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