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Tornado operates in Mississauga as a well-known and highly reputable basement waterproofing and foundation crack repair company. We provide local homeowners and companies with a lot of different services. All of them are aimed at repairing and preventing wet basements, cracks and leaks of different kinds.

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Why Tornado is the Leading Basement Waterproofing Contractor In Mississauga, Ontario

Best Solutions for Wet Basement Waterproofing in Mississauga

It is always a good idea to implement Mississauga wet basement waterproofing in People’s homes and offices. Property owners do not need to fear heavy rain or snow falls only because they can lead to basement leaking or flooding. If you are one of such homeowners, try to do something about your fears or refer them to us.

The Tornado Company can offer you the best experience and expertise in this field. We will find the roots of your basement problems and take care of all the causes first before repairing their outcomes. Our crew is perfect and you will have a chance to see that! The professionalism and expertise of our experienced inspectors will work wonders and you will never see such devotion and commitment anywhere else in the industry.

We Provide Written Estimates for Any Kind of Waterproofing Work

Our sales representatives can provide the written estimate before the start of any work in your basement or foundation. You can talk to our engineers first to understand the amount of work to be done and the price you will have to pay for it to understand whether it fits your budget. Only after the full agreement on the costs, the work can be commenced. We, at Tornado, do our best to provide our customers with affordable and competitive cost estimates for the benefit of both parts.

Mississauga Waterproofing Reviews

You can see a lot of positive Mississauga basement waterproofing reviews and testimonials on various review websites. The Tornado Company has profiles on all the review sites which are specific for this industry, such as Trusted Pros or HomeStars where you can see how perfect our reputation is on the market and how much people who have used our services really appreciate them. Our reputation among the clients is very important for us so we always ask our clients to leave reviews about their experiences with us because we are sure of the quality of our work.

We Guarantee the Lowest Price in Your Region!

We provide foundation repair and basement waterproofing for the best price in the industry. The lowest cost estimates are guaranteed in Mississauga because we care about our clients and want to make our prices competitive and affordable for everyone. We do not have any hidden costs charged unexpectedly at the end of work and we provide the lifetime warranty for most kinds of work because we are sure of the high quality and experience of our team. We also offer consultations from our experienced technicians and sales reps for free. Guaranteed lifetime warranties, professional advice, and well-qualified waterproofing team make the waterproofing package we provide the best one in Mississauga.

Over 10,000 Waterproofing Projects

We are ready to make wet basements in Mississauga completely dry by waterproofing both from inside and outside, with or without excavation, for leaky and flooding basements, and whatnot. We can offer a lot of different solutions for one problem for you to choose the most appropriate one which will completely meet your needs. We offer different methods of exterior and interior waterproofing, crack repairing, underpinning, and other services you will be pleased with.

Guarantee of Lifetime Warranty for All Types of Waterproofing Work

We are ready to provide our clients with the most convenient guarantees in the field – lifetime warranty. We can do it now because the quality of all our services has risen to the next, much higher level, so we are sure that once repaired, your basement will stay dry and safe forever. Even if you are told that the standard in the industry is to provide 12-18 months of warranty for a sump pump, we never follow these rigid norms. Our pumps will be served for all their lifetime if you order this service from us. We will meet all your needs on maintenance and repairs of our systems if it is required but our confidence in the high quality will be passed to you and your household. You will never worry again.

We provide you with the written lifetime warranty after the basement and foundation work completion. We value our clients to the greatest extent so such warranty is a part of our relationships with them. You are sure to have your basement free of leaks and moisture for the following years. You can count on our crew any time a new leak appears after the work completion and we will come to help.

Waterproofing Products of Commercial Grade

We utilize waterproofing products of commercial grade, for example, Hydro Guard. All of them are the best materials and appliances on the market. If you have Hydro Guard’s products in your basement walls, such as rubberized membrane together with a drainage membrane and reinforcement mesh, you will get a guarantee that your basement will be dry for many years. Only the best products we use can provide you with such quality.

Most Referred Mississauga Waterproofing Contractors

We are referred to by our clients as the Mississauga most referred basement foundation waterproofing contractors. All of them were happy and completely satisfied with the quality of our services. Never search too long for the best basement waterproofing service near me. You have already arrived at the right place. Tornado is waiting for with all its great testimonials and thousands of delighted clients. They are happy about our understanding and attitudes because we are true professionals who always keep the work site clean, remove all the debris, and provide the best quality of all jobs and ways of communication.

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Why is your basement leaking? You can ask this question many times without finding any answer without a thorough inspection done by professionals. Among the most common reasons we can point out hydrostatic pressure which can grow under the floor or behind the walls. There is also increased humidity, the unpredicted water flow underground, or even the inadequately installed waterproofing. If there is no sealant on the interior walls or it has deteriorated, the problem may become obvious.

Homeowners usually do not pay much attention to the details of their basement construction. They may not know about the possible risks, ignore them, or just refuse to take some measures to prevent leaking. You can waste a lot of costs if you do not care about waterproofing your basement properly while it is under construction. Excess moisture can lead to damaged carpeting, warped panels, growth of mildew and mold, or lifted tiles. When your basement is not waterproofed properly, the moisture can lead to the appearance of cracks in the walls or floor and over time, you will face severe structural problems with the foundation. Growing mold can lead to bad health problems in your family.

The cost of waterproofing can be various depending on the type and severity of the problem, the method applied, and the needed amount of labor.

The state of your basement influences the value of your house. If you want to sell it, a potential buyer will be very thorough about the dryness and cleanness of the basement. The long-term warranty should also be provided and it is impossible without the reliable waterproofing system installed in the building. It will demonstrate to the buyer that the house has been properly taken care of and that it does not have any hidden defects.

If you consider everything highlighted above, think about calling Tornado at (647) 784-8448 now or filling out the special form on our website. Our support manager will appoint the time for meeting with you on the site which will suit properly the most busy schedule.