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Causes Of Basement Leaks

Water is not only an important source of life. It can be our enemy too if it leaks through the damaged window-sill or the crack in the basement floor. Your property may suffer badly from it because it leaves rather ugly traces behind. Mold starts growing and your wood, drywall, or other materials will decay. So, it is vitally important to notice water seeping, leaking, and flowing in time and to take measures as soon as possible.

basement repair toronto

Causes of water in basement

  • walls or floors in the basement which are cracked;
  • pipes which are leaky or broken;
  • the insufficient drainage which is poorly installed and maintained;
  • disordered open drains in the floor;
  • failures of the sump pump;
  • failures in the work of your water heater.

What causes wet carpet in a basement?

  • a crack in the floor that allows for water seepage;
  • a pipe located anywhere in the house which is leaking;
  • a broken or poorly maintained washing machine;
  • basement walls that allow for water seepage;
  • a toilet which is leaking;
  • a disordered hot water tank;
  • failures in the work of a sump pump;
  • the bar sink which is wet.



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Professional Basement Repair Toronto

If you have noticed that your basement is constantly wet, it means there is a leak somewhere. You may think it to be a nightmare but, instead of getting more upset and frustrated, start doing something at once. The problem may be rather serious so you are sure to need the help of experts. Here, in Tornado, we have enough expertise to deal with any leaking basement problems and damaged foundations. So, it is worth calling us to find the best solution. You need your basement to stay dry and  comfortable for a long time so you need true professionals to help you get it. Protect your home and property from severe damage by calling use and having your basement inspected and repaired in a while.

It is completely wrong to think that a basement can be wet and leaky a bit. Even the smallest leak is a serious signal that there may be a more serious problem hidden somewhere under the floor or wall covering.  Most often, your foundation may be cracked, storm drains blocked, or pipes broken. That is why consider any wet spots in the basement seriously because mold will grow there soon. The latter is bad for your family’s health. It produces unpleasant smells and lowers the value of your property.

If you feel some smell that you have never noticed before, there is a leak somewhere. You need to do something about that and the best way to deal with the issue is to address it to Tornado. We have repaired thousands of basements and foundations in Toronto and GTA so we will know for sure what is wrong with your home. We use the cutting edge methods of inspection and diagnostics to detect the problem and its causes. We can cope with both simple issues and complicated problems understanding that the earlier the problem is fixed, the less damage it will cause in the future.

You may not know what the reason for your leaking basement is so you need a professional consultation on the site. Schedule it right now and we will provide the examination and advice for free. Our experienced technicians can determine the source of leaking immediately and offer several solutions for you to choose from. We discuss the efficiency of each of them and take into account your preferences.

We are aimed at providing the most high-quality leaky basement repair in Toronto at the most affordable price. We will do the basement repair that can protect your home against leaking for many years. Your foundation walls need to be reliable and durable against different natural disasters and technological issues. Therefore, your health and wellbeing will also be protected. It is especially important if you live in an old house because the materials your foundation was made of many years ago have worn out now. That makes the wall susceptible to cracking and leaks.

If your home is newer and structurally well-constructed, the possibility of leaking lessens. However, even such houses can suffer from basement flooding, water seeping, and mold growing. So you need to be very careful about any signs of wetness. Your home which has a sound and well-structured basement will have higher value on the market too. On the contrary, leaking problems even in the newest house can lead to lowering of the value and you will lose a lot if you try to sell such a house.

basement leak repair toronto
basement leak repair toronto

Waterproofing is a beneficial method in many cases when you want to fix a leaky or wet basement. The most reliable method here is the outside waterproofing. This procedure is a bit more complicated than any others but the amount of labor and costs spent on it are worth considering because they may depend on the materials, conditions. and severity of the problem.

  • We usually apply a parging coat and hydraulic cement for repairing cracks.
  • We utilize a special sealer for foundations which is a sort of tar that can be applied to the walls.
  • A dimpled foundation membrane is installed for better effect.
  • We also install a weeping tile pipe with a special filter made of some fabric.
  • It is important to coat a new pipe into ¾ pure gravel.
  • We do all excavation work around the foundation perimeter to the footings’ bottom if needed.
  • All these steps ensure the reliable protection of the foundation wall from moisture and flooding so that the inside of the basement remains dry.

Basement Repair Toronto Specialists | Leaky Basement Repair Expert’s advice:

  1. If you want to keep your basement dry, it makes sense  to install a good drainage system. It should work properly from both the outside and inside of the house. This can protect your basement against flooding.
  2. When your basement is wet, do not try to do repairs yourself. It’s not a DIY job and you need a professional to help you. First, you need the examination of your basement, the problems in it, and possible causes of these issues. Do not ignore the problem because you will get a lot of mold and mildew inside your home. As soon as the water penetrates your basement, the mold will start developing and you are sure to do your best to prevent it.
  3. To start with, try to get the consultation from an experienced plumber. You will find out what the causes of moisture in your basement are and where the leaks can be located.
  4. You will also be given several options of techniques for basement repair Toronto can provide.
  5. It is worth understanding that foundation cracks are the cause of 50% basement problems. It can also happen that excess water penetrates via the floor but such occurrences are rather rare.
  6. You can receive a wet basement when the lower part of the concrete slab is located close to the groundwater level or to the subsurface which is usually wet due to the capillary effect. Sometimes, the groundwater or subsurface levels are even higher than the level of the floor. Then, water can leak even through the walls. It leads to standing water and the rooms above the basement can be wet as well.
  7. However, a lot of people believe that Toronto’s water supply and sewer systems are reliable enough to ensure them dry basements and they do not need a sump pump to keep their home dry. Though, many situations prove that they are not right. Dampness may appear due to many factors, not depending on the reliability of the sewer system so only the expert assessment can define the cause of the basement problem that may lay underneath the obvious factors. The excess moisture may appear because of many causes or even the combination of them. They may include a cracked foundation, problems with the exterior drains, a leaking window well, or the burst pipe somewhere in the house. Only finding the correct cause can save you a lot of effort and money needed for more extended repairs.
  8. What you can do yourself about your house is, for example, the downspout extension. Try to arrange it in the way it will drain at 7-10 feet further from your basement walls and it may become quite helpful during heavy rainstorms.
  9. One more common cause of a wet basement is the problems with the city water main. It can be sometimes overloaded causing a back-flow. That is why experts recommend installing a backflow prevention valve to protect your home against  such issues.
  10. Another thing that may commonly happen during the heavy rainfalls is the oversaturation of the ground around your house. Then, the hydro-static pressure grows and forces excess water through the joints of your wall and floor. Here, you need a properly installed weeping tile to prevent any water seeping and leaking.
  11. One more cause of a wet basement is the position of the ground around your home’s foundation. if it is completely flat or tends to slope towards the foundation, the water may penetrate the basement. You need to slope the ground away from the foundation so that it can redirect the excess water during the rainfall or snow melting away from your house.
  12. You may have never faced any water problems before but you can encounter them any time, especially when the weather changes abruptly, spring comes all of a sudden, the heavy rainfall bursts out, or something happens to the main. You need to be ready for all these situations and many more.
  13. The first thing to consider is your sump pump. Make sure that it is properly installed and functions correctly. You may need the help from Tornado to check whether everything is working properly so call us and we will send our local expert who knows everything about wet basements to examine all the things properly and find the solution.
  14. It is not a secret that if a house has some wet basement problems, its value may lower drastically. That is why most realtors usually recommend their clients to have all the issues repaired before they put their house for sale or rent. So the value will increase immediately after everything is repaired and functions properly.
  15. Tornado has a lot of methods and techniques at its disposal for leaky basements waterproofing. We can always offer you the best solution for your problem. We will find the cause of the excess moisture to start with and then advise you on the exterior or interior waterproofing due to the type of materials your foundation is made of, the type of construction, and the severity of the issues you have faced.

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What to do if your basement wall is leaking?

We can provide you with some pieces of advice here if you have noticed that your basement is leaking. Sometimes, they are so helpful that you can save a lot of costs for the expensive and extended repairs.
1. Try to take away all the valuable things that can be vulnerable to moisture from the area of water leaking.
2. Remove the carpets by rolling them up.
3. Make a consistent check of your sump pump’s functioning.
4. Make the way to the nearest floor drain available for the water by clearing it from any debris.
5. Look careful outside to detect the areas with pooling water.
6. Check how far your rainwater drains are located from the foundation wall and redirect them if needed.