Basement Leaking And Flooding Problems in Toronto & GTA

Read about Basement Leaking And Flooding Problems in Toronto & GTA

The smallest water leak that occurs in the basement will make you feel worried and anxious. It can appear in a faraway corner and be almost invisible but everyone knows that such a minor issue is a sign of the forthcoming severe disaster. No one is happy with the extended basement leak leading to the great flood and the flooding problem is becoming worse and worse with any other rainstorm or snow melting. It does not matter anymore whether the leakage is growing step by step or all of a sudden. The only way out is to do something to stop it and take all the measures to prevent its happening again.

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Some other consequences of wet basements are rather unpleasant to deal with. The most important thing is that your property loses its value. There are rarely willing buyers who would like to take risks of buying a wet house. The homeowner has to lower the price, though the house may cost much more than that. Though who cares about the home with damaged drywall, carpeting, or wooden items? Or who would be eager to purchase the property that would not allow for storing things in it, such as books or clothing, furniture or boxes? All these items suffer from the excess moisture first. So, buildings with leaking basements are not worth much. Every homeowner should think about that before starting to ignore even the tiniest leakage.

Instead, a professional team of experienced plumbing and waterproofing technicians can fix the issue in one day. A minor basement leak is just a trifle for them meaning that the cost of such repairs will not be too high either. If the problem is a bit more extended, they may need about three days or so. An expert can deprive you of the problem even in some hours if you have all the materials bought and/or the entire system handy. Have a look at the most usual factors that can cause basement leaks and try to take them into account to prevent heavy outcomes.

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Groundwater Basement Leaking And Flooding

The basic natural cause for basement moisture is the rising of the water table. The water table is used to indicate the level of soil saturation and it can change falling or rising because of different weather conditions or changes of seasons. If you exclude the factor of damaged pipes or other plumbing problems that can be easily repaired due to their mechanical nature, consider the location of your house. For example, if it is located next to the river or lake, the water table with all its saturated soil comes closer to the surface of the ground around your house foundation. It may rise quickly when the weather gets worse, the river is flooding, or the snow is melting. Of course, if you live in a desert climate or your home is located on the plateau, the risk of water table rising is much smaller.

Sump Pump Failure

The most powerful and helpful barrier separating your basement and excess water penetration is a sump pump. It is considered the most efficient basement waterproofing system that provides a sufficient, though unnoticeable, difference between a dry basement and a flooded space full of mold and mildew. This very difference shows how fast and effectively the sump pump system performs its functions.

The first thing to avoid basement leaking and flooding problems is to make the right choice of a sump pump system. You do not need to wait for the flooding to address the problem to experts. The right variant to opt for is to ask for some advice and consultation about preventive measures available for your house.

Clogged or Frozen Discharge Lines

The sump pump may become completely unusable because of clogging. The causes of clogs may vary – from simple dirt and debris to animals and plants. Moreover, when the winter is severe in your area, you can encounter freezing in the discharge lines caused by the leftover water. When such water freezes, the waterproofing system backs up and becomes the main factor of basement flooding.

Plumbing Failures in Your House

Any equipment or facility can occasionally break down with time. Since there are a lot of plumbing devices and sources in any house, such as tubs, pipes, sinks, toilets, showers, water heaters, refrigerator lines, or washing machines, the possibility of their going out of order increases. Some of these devices can break and you will have immense floods in your house. Try to avoid such disasters!

Bad plumbing can lead to basement leaking and flooding. So, try to learn as much as possible about the preventive measures to be taken to protect your property.

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