Emergency Basement Flooding Repair, Flooded Basement Cleanup in Toronto & GTA

  • What caused the basement flooding?
  • What stuff could be saved and repaired?
  • What are those emergent steps to perform to avoid irreversible negative effects?
  • How much would the repairs cost?

Below, you’ll find a detailed guide on how to stop flood, minimize negative effects, and what measures to take to prevent basement flooding.

Most Common Causes of Basement Flooding

The fact is that basements relate to those premises that are often affected by water damage. So, in case you’re wondering what the root cause of your flooded home is, consider several common reasons.

Plumbing leaks

Common basement flooding causes include:

  • the burst happened to pipes;
  • damaged waste line;
  • breaks in supply hose of the home appliances (washing machine or dishwasher)
  • leakage of the heater.

Leaky basement windows

Old windows with cracks and crevices allow letting the water through. A flooded yard, clogged gutters, or window wells full of water, together with leaky windows, lead to the flooding.

Leaky basement foundation

Poor waterproofing is the most complex and common reason of the flood. In such a case, basements become vulnerable to rainstorms, poor yard drainage floods, and sewer line backups problems.

At the same time, the leaky foundation is a problem that can be easily eliminated by Tornado Plumbing & Drains experts by installing the high-quality waterproofing system.

Basement floods every time it rains

It is a common problem when the basement floods during heavy rain. Living in the area affected by frequent rains can lead to the problem of the excessive water in the ground which pressures it and gets in under this pressure. It is one of the widespread reasons for basement flood every time it rains.

In case you find out the basement keeps flooding every time it rains, call professionalswho can help you with drainage system and waterproofing, like, for example, Tornado Plumbing & Drain.

4 Simple Steps to Take When Your Basement Floods

Tornado Plumbing & Drains knows a simple action to eliminate the negative effects, turn basement to normal condition, and prevent future flooding.  What to do when basement floods?

Tornado Plumbing & Drains can take simple action to eliminate the negative effects, get it round to the normal condition, and prevent possible future floodings.

Step 1: Stay safe

The water flood can be dangerous to handle by yourself. So first of all, before taking any steps, you should remember several simple but very important rules for staying safe:

  • If you faced a strong flood, don’t hesitate and call professionals. It doesn’t worth to get injuries or even risk by your life trying to handle it.

It isn’t worth getting injuries or even risking your life to handle it.

  • If the initial reason can be eliminated without going down to the basement, try it. Visiting flooded basement is very dangerous.
  • Ensure you have electricity turned off. Any contact with wiring can be fatal. Do not step into the water in the basementbecause it is a good conductor even for residual home electricity.
  • Make all efforts to pump the water out ASAP.

Step 2: Determine the cause of your flooded basement

The first thing to do is to ask yourself about what exactly could flood your basement. Finding a reason is essential for remediating a problem.

Some causes are obvious, but some can be identified only with the involvement of experts. If you faced the flood, call Tornado Plumbing & Drains and our technicians will help to find the cause and make the cost esteem of flooded basement cleanup for free. Contacting us as your emergency basement flooding contractor will allow saving your time on investigation and cleaning.

Step 3: Remove water-damaged items

When the source is identified and the flood is stopped, the next step is to remove the water-damaged property, especially the items made from a porous materials like sofas, carpets, wooden furniture, and so on.

Step 4: Install an effective waterproofing system

Installing a sump pump or specific interior drainage system is considered as the most effective measure for preventing the flood in the basement.

Who to call if basement floods?

Call us at (647) 784-8448 for immediate response


Flooded Basement Cleanup and Restoration

Basement flood clean-up

Step 1: Even when the flood has been stopped when it comes to the basement flood clean-up it is still required When it comes to the basement flood clean-up, even if it has been stopped, it is still required to follow the safety rules, especially those related to the not contacting the prohibition against contacting the electrical wiring or other fixtures.

Step 2. Basement flood clean-up obviously starts from the water removal. When the major water is eliminated, the next step is to handle the damaged stuff. Things made from porous materials require special treatment and simple cleaning wouldn’t be enough for them. It is rather probable they’ll require going through disinfection and deodorizing. If your floor is made of wood, the restoration works may also be required.

Simple cleaning cannot remove hidden threats like pathogen microorganisms and spores of mold which are stinky and very dangerous for health.

Considering all abovementioned, the following steps are highly recommended during cleaning a flooded basement:

  • Pump out the water with a pump, wet vacuum, or a simple mop with a bucket.
  • Take away the damaged things. If it takes more than 48 hours for them to dry, it is recommended to replace them, otherwise the probability of mold growth there is high.
  • Carefully clean the premises and pay attention to floors and walls to prevent mildew/mold.

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Disinfecting basement after flooding

Sometimes, disinfecting the suffered surfaces can seem to be unnecessary and time-consuming. But this is an important preventive measure for stopping mold or mildew spreading. The whole process can take up to 3 weeks considering the time required for drying the premises.

Although it is better to trust this type of work to professional flooded basement cleanup companies, like Tornado Plumbing & Drain, that will handle this issue for you at affordable flooded basement cleanup cost. Applying professional equipment and deep expertise will allow doing it faster and better.

Basement flooding repair

If the decision to involve basement flooding contractors was made, consider the following benefits of such basement flooding repair:

  • Dry your basement: modern and effective equipment allows Tornado Plumbing & Drains to remove 40 thousand gallons per 2 hours, including little puddles. When it comes to water damage, the faster it is removed, the fewer effects you’ll need to handle.
  • Clean up the damage: disinfecting the basement after flooding with professionals allows avoiding the appearance of pathogens which is highly important when it comes down to family safety.
  • Basement and crawl space waterproofing: the flood proof basement is one of the services proposed by Tornado Plumbing & Drains which allows you to protect your property in the future.
  • Repair cracks in the walls or floor: basement flooding restoration is complex and includes repairs of cracks that appeared in the floor or walls. This also helps to prevent flood in the future when you have finished cleanup in the basement flooded.

If finished basement flooded

A finished basement flooded often becomes an especially serious problem when it comes together with areas often affected by rains and old surfaces with cracks. That leads to permanent basement drain flooding.

Sump pump installation can help to remedy the issue. It is aimed at extracting the water from the basements or other low-lying premises. Another tool that is used for water removal is a wet vacuum cleaner. But don’t get confused and don’t try to apply the dry one for these purposes. It will not work and can lead to the breaks.

Average Water Damage Repair and Restoration Costs

Typical Range: $0 000 – $0000.
Basement Damage and Flooding –
Floors and Hardwood –
Burst Pipes and Leaky Plumbing –

FAQ of basement flooding

Who to call if basement floods

• Call us: (647) 784-8448 or send an email: [email protected]
• Get Free Waterproofing Survey.

How to choose contractors?

• Find contractors on google or dig into internet directories
• Check their portfolio
• Proof of a valid license
• Check reviews
• Get free quotes
• Get an extensive warranty

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Best floor for basement that floods?

All in all, you should consider that wooden floors or carpet surfaces are not the best floor for the basement that floods. If you strive to decrease the damage, you should consider that the best option for flooring in the basement which is often affected by the flood is the synthetic floor which has an affordable price and is able to endure flooding.

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