Backwater Valve Maintenance

Fullport backwater valve Maintenance 

  1. The valves are mechanical appliances that need a regular service. Inspect the valve first of all and then follow the procedure described below.
  2. To do a visual checkup, you should remove the plug on the top of the valve.
  3. You should look inside the valve and to monitor everything considerately, use a flashlight.
  4. Look whether the debris has been collected on the body of the device as well as around the gate.
  5. Use flush cleaning to remove the debris.
  6. The o-ring should also be cleaned or replaced if needed. Use the closed position to remount the gate against the o-ring tightly.
  7. Make sure that the gate can move upwards and downwards without any obstacles.
  8. Remount the cleanout plug.

Maintaining the Backwater Valve Requires Professionalism and Experience

Our professional technicians are always ready to help with the backwater valve if needed. We can check, test, and clean the device effectively to make it operate smoothly when the emergency happens.

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