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We, at the Tornado Company, are ready to help you mitigate the consequences of basement flooding. Among many different methods we use, the installation of the backwater valve is the most popular one. It is always an essential part of any flood resistance program for many homes. The valve can protect the basement against flooding and stop the water from penetrating it.


The Difference between a Backwater Valve and a Backflow Prevention Device

What is a backwater valve and why you need backwater valve installation Toronto?

Any sewer line is a complicated system of pipes and junctions. A backwater valve should be an important part of it too. It helps the excess water move in one direction only – outside the house. It is very helpful during heavy rains when the main sewer lines of the city are full of water and they do not cope with it. So, the water moves back to the residences and floods them. That is why it is important to have a sewer system backup and a backwater valve installed and in action to block the water from flowing back into the house.

A backwater valve is often called different names by homeowners. However, no matter whether the name is a backup valve or drain backflow valve, this appliance is very helpful and it can protect your house reliably against severe flooding.

The water backup can happen any moment in the houses with the basement. Or it may be risky if the ground floor of a new house is located less than a meter above the ground surface. If there are any fixtures installed lower than the level of the street, there is always a danger of flooding. That is why there is a requirement from the National Plumbing Code to have a backwater valve installed* if you build a new house with a basement or ground floor.


What is a Backflow Prevention Device (aka Backflow Preventer)?

The valve that is attached to the main pipes can prevent the backflow of the dirty sewage water. Your water supply system will be reliably protected because it blocks the water from flowing back to your home. The appliance also protects the clean water supply pipes because the water supply and sewer system are usually quite complicated in every residence so the outcomes from the dirty water backflow can be unpredictable. Such valves can also be installed in gas pipelines. Their function here is to direct gas to the correct destination. More complex backflow prevention devices are installed in the plumbing systems of industrial enterprises to stop dirty water from flowing to the municipal water supply mains. Such devices are installed as well at the entrance fixture leading to blocks of apartments.


Basement Flooding Protection Program in the City of Toronto

Flooding has always been a quite common event in the City of Toronto. Heavy rainfalls here lead to the record levels of excess water that cannot be moved away from the residential and commercial buildings because the entire systems are overloaded. Such flooding can happen all of a sudden and cause much damage to the property. Power outages, transportation collapses, breaking of water supply and sewer systems, basement flooding, and many other unpleasant events can happen all of a sudden. That is why a lot of modifications of the wide scale and power have been installed across the city to reduce the dangers of flooding. Though, homeowners should also do their best to protect their houses. They are usually encouraged to do that as quickly as possible by the authorities. A set of measures entitled the Basement Flooding Protection Program was introduced to enhance the flood control and initiate the new protection measures.


Backwater valve installation cost Toronto

Some municipalities require the installation of backwater valves in all households while others only recommend installing these devices for better protection. All new constructions should be equipped with these valves and the older houses need the modification measures as well. It is always cheaper to install the valve while the house is being built. It can cost from $150 to $250. When you attempt to retrofit the existing house with this device, the cost increases up to $1,000-$2,000. The special departments in some city municipalities have been set up to help their residents with the .


Backwater Valve Maintenance

The installation of a backwater valve is only the first step on the way to property safety. The following steps include its maintenance that should be regular and effective. Read more…


Backwater Valve Maintenance Toronto

Therefore, even if you have installed the backwater valve in your home, it does not mean that you have protected your property against flooding for sure. Read more…

Backwater Valve Installation Toronto

3 Signs You Need to Install a Backwater Valve

The Area Where You Live Is Flood-Prone

Make the investment into the backwater valve installation and maintenance if the area where your home is located belongs to the zone of heavy rains or abrupt floods. Your sewage system can be brand-new. However, the hard weather conditions can make a mess by overloading the system. When not protected, the basement can experience severe flooding with excess water and sewage waste. In this event, your home will be badly damaged and you will spend a lot on its repairs.

A Sump Pump Is a Part of Your House’s Sewage System

Your house may be equipped with a sump pump. However, if this facility is located below the water table, be aware of the possible hazards caused by severe weather conditions. That is why sewer backflow valve installation is very important for the complete security of your home because a sump pump can fail to cope with all that water.

A Thorough Look at Local Legislation

In some areas, the backwater valve is a must because it needs to comply with the local regulations. It is strongly required in Southern Ontario and some other parts of Canada where your home may be located. Cities can demand the installation of the backwater valve as well, especially when your home has been built in the water-prone area.

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FAQ : Backwater valve installation

The device which can prevent the backup of sewage water into your house is called a backwater valve. In fact, it creates a one-door direction being a reliable barrier for excess water when installed in one or several parts of the house. The valve may not be necessary in everyday situations but be very effective against the backflow of heavy rain water or sewer water to the home’s drainage system that contains many fixtures, for instance, the baths, sinks, toilets, or drains installed below grade. 

The wise combination of correct installation and constant maintenance can support the efficient work of the valve. It won’t work properly if some instructions are not followed. The work of a backwater valve can be compared to that of an exterior door that creates a mechanical barrier. The types of barriers can differ in various models of valves, for example, they can be ‘gates’, ‘flappers’, or ‘bladders’.

The valve is a one-way mechanism that does not allow sewer water to go back to your house. The water flow can move in only one way – away from the foundation into the main sewage system. When there is heavy rainfall, the valve can protect the basement from flooding. Almost all the houses that have been built since the 1990s have the backwater valve already set up. It happened because the plumbing code was changed in 1988 demanding the valves in the newly built houses. Those buildings that had been constructed before that, may be lacking the backwater valves so they need to be installed as soon as possible.

The installation of the valve is usually completed under the floor of your basement. The device is usually attached to the main sewer which is the closest to your house. Such main pipe can even be located in your backyard. It depends on the scheme of the overall city sewage system.

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The installation of the backwater valve is a rather complicated process that may take about 4-8 hours. The time spent on it will depend on the location of your home’s drain pipes.

An experienced technician will provide you with some tips on valve maintenance. They may include instructions on how to clean the valve with flushing water and check whether it is free from blockages.

The cost of such installations may closely relate to the scheme of your drain pipes location and the model of the backwater valve you are going to install that best suits your house.

Backwater valves are usually required by the plumbing codes of the area you live in. It is mostly essential for those fixtures that are located on the floor below the window. This can usually be seen in the floor drain of a basement. The less obvious example is the fixture that is located on the first floor but it is placed at the very bottom of the hill.