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The sump pumps we can install to protect your crawlspace are cast-iron. They ensure constant removal of water from the place. Such sump pump systems have undergone a special test being installed for the most severe conditions. The test has proven that the system is really successful and efficient and you can fully rely on it when you want to protect your home steadily.

There may be some complications for the sump pump system installation. Sometimes, there is a need to dig into the concrete or cement. It is rather challenging and requires a certain degree of experience and expertise. Some specific tools are also needed for that. And cleaning-up may seem rather complicated after such kind of work. If you are a common DIYer, be also aware of the electrical hook-up which is also not recommended.

The first step for the sump pump installation is making a sump pit. We usually excavate a big hole, normally, in the lowest part of the floor in the basement. It is essential to detect such a spot where excess water is always accumulated. The sump pit should not threaten the foundation. That is why the bin should be located away from the inner walls of the basement.

The common cost when you want to install an average sump pump ranges from $550 to $1100. It depends on the type of sump pump, backing it up with a battery, and the kind of filter used.

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Many houses are more prone to flooding in Toronto and GTA due to underground waters and closeness to lake Ontario. Moreover, cold winters often cause cracks in concrete which leads to leaks and floods of basement, especially in houses with poor drainage. All of these factors combined usually imply that your home needs a sump pump installation. Hydrostatic pressure of water behind the walls of your foundation can cause a structural damage to the building. Installing sump pump will help avoiding it.

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Tornado Plumbing has a vast experience in installing sump pumps services in Toronto, Mississauga and rest of GTA. Our experts know peculiarities of landscape in different parts of Toronto and area and will choose the most cost and time efficient solution for your flooding problem. We know how to work with concrete and always make sure that your basement floor is nicely finished after the pump was installed. Tornado Plumbing guarantees safe environment and high quality of work that would last years.

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