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Since 2014 Tornado Plumbing has been providing masonry restoration and waterproofing services. We have successfully completed multiple projects across Toronto and Great Toronto Area. Our employees are true experts with vast experience and a lot of knowledge on waterproofing basements, both in residential and commercial areas. We work across Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York and Vaughan.

What is basement waterproofing?

Waterproof Basement is the best way to prevent floods and water damage in your basement in your house. It is effective method of channeling water from the outside and preventing any leaks in the basement walls and flooring.

Basements are more prone to moisture than other areas of the house. They are below grade, so hydrostatic pressure can push groundwater through any porous surface or small fissure in the walls or floor. Moreover, basements are usually poorly ventilated, which makes them vulnerable to humidity and condensation. A damp basement is usually a moldy one, and when things get really bad, water can even pool on the floor and provide a breeding ground for pathogens.

When moisture becomes a problem, it’s important to determine whether the water is coming from outside or inside, because the remediation strategies are different. When water is coming from outside, the best strategy is usually to improve drainage around the exterior of the house, although you may be able to block seepage to a degree by making indoor repairs, such as patching cracks and plugging holes. If condensation is the culprit, you’ll probably want to improve ventilation and add insulation to the walls to reduce the temperature differential that causes condensation to form. In extreme situations in which water actually pools on the floor, you may need to control it with a pump.

Tornado Plumbing professionals will design a custom solution that will be most efficient for your safe basement waterproofing. It should be done differently depending on conditions and the cause of the issue. Sometimes it’s required to install a drainage system with sump pump in the sub-floor. In other cases, we would have to excavate the outside of the wall and waterproof the foundation. To make your crawl space more environment friendly we may install a vapor barrier or drainage system.


Few reasons why the water is seeping into your basement:

  • Rainwater is entering somewhere through the foundation walls.
  • Rain Water seeping through foundation crack might be leaking inside your basement
  • When your home relies on a weeping tile drainage and sump pit, you need a sump pump to drain the water.
  • Openings due to the poor blended cement on the foundation floor and walls.
  • The water pressure beneath the house creates floor cracks.
  • Wear and tear of joints connecting the main and sewer lines.
  • Having eavtroves and downspouts connected in the sanitary drainage; will also lead to an excess of water flow through the system, leading to a backup.
  • Basement wall and floor drainage problems.
  • Floor drains are mainly common in older homes, but also new build homes have them as well.
  • When open floor drain becomes clogged the wastewater from your sink or washer will not be capable to drain away, and will cause backup in your basement.
  • Your home relies on a weeping tile drainage and sump pit

In fact, 60% of homes today have moisture problems, which is why waterproofing is so important.

Types Of Basement Waterproofing and Flood Prevention

  • Exterior basement waterproofing, referring to the process in which a bonding substance or foundation membrane is applied to the outside walls of your basement.
  • Interior basement waterproofing, used to keep moisture from making its way into your basement through a drainage system applied on the walls and floor to direct the water beneath the floor into the weeping tile.

Professional Basement Waterproofing & Repair Services we provide 

  • Waterproofing newer homes
  • Basement lowering/underpinning
  • Crawl space Encapsulation
  • Foundation structural Repair
  • Waterproofing foundation walls
  • Residential Wet Basement Waterproofing
  • Basement and crawlspace crack repair
  • Foundation leak repair
  • Leaky basement repair in Toronto
  • Dry basement solutions
  • Basement flood protection
  • External and internal solutions
  • Sump pumps and battery back up pumps
  • French drain
  • Flooded Basement Cleanup, Restoration and Repair
  • Repair Leaking Basement
  • Diagnosis of a wet basement 
  • Finished and Unfinished basements
  • Waterproofing both the inside and outside of foundation walls
  • Replace old waterproofing in your basement
  • Free Inspection and Estimate

We repair leaking basement and seepage. We also help you solve mold, humidity, condensation and drainage problems.

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Why should I waterproof basement

Basement waterproofing can be a confusing (and expensive) process. But if you’re dealing with leaky foundation walls or water welling up from the floor, finding an effective means of managing these problems could save you a lot in the long run.

Basement waterproofing average cost

The average cost to waterproof a basement is $0,000 to $0,000, or between $0 and $0 per square foot for materials and labor.

Basement waterproofing contractors

Tornado Plumbing & Drains is Professional Waterproofing Company for Commercial or Residential Construction. Here are three reasons to call us:

  • Experience: Coatings the foundation of your home or cementitious is no easy task: it takes years of expertise to be able to perform safe and enduring quality repairs. Because waterproofing the basement wall are an important investment, hiring an experienced waterproofing company is essential.
  • Our basement specialist is licensed Contractor.
  • Your home is almost certainly one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime. So when it comes to keeping your basement dry;
  • There is no other team that does it better than Tornado Plumbing & Drains Professional Basement Waterproofing Installers.
  • We guarantee our work with life time warranty. Our team will identify the damage and also provide lifetime warranted repairs.
  • All of our projects are completed using safe and trusted techniques.
  • Very Competitive pricing.
  • 100 % customer satisfaction.
  • At Tornado Plumbing & Drains we take great pride in providing high level workmanlike manner; and using the most comprehensive basement waterproofing solutions. We’ve built a successful business and dedicated customer service also; because we know the importance of keeping your property safe and waterproof.

If you looking for the “best basement waterproofing companies near me” or “best basement waterproofers” be sure, we can help! We solve all kinds of wet basement problems like leaks, humidity, and musty smells to give you a basement that’s dry and healthy.

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How much does a basement waterproofing cost?

The average cost to waterproof a basement is $0,000 to $0,000, or between $0 and $0 per square foot for materials and labor.  (basement waterproofing cost per linear foot)

Cost to waterproof basement in Toronto

How to waterproof a basement?

  • So the first step in mitigation is to figure out why your basement floods. If your basement leaks after a heavy rainfall, or in the spring when the snow melts, then the answer is pretty self-evident: Water is coming from the outside
  • The next step is to locate where in your basement the water is migrating. Once you’ve determined both of these, the next step is to stop the flow.

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