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At Tornado Plumbing we have been serving home owners in Toronto and the area for over 5 years now, helping them with their plumbing needs. Our professionals are available 24/7 for emergency repairs, maintenance and installation services. One of the most important services we provide is backwater valve installation, which helps to prevent sewage from getting into fresh water supply. This may happen if city sewer system fails and often results in flooding and damaging your property. Our certified experts in Tornado Plumbing can install backwater valve or repair one for you. This will prevent unfortunate plumbing issues caused by failure of sewer system.


How Backwater Valves Work?

We install backwater valve to direct wastewater away from your house. Which will prevent it from getting into other systems that are connected to sewer system. Even if you have a backwater valve installed, sometimes it breaks down and one of the following will be a clear sign of backwater valve disfunction:


  1. A strong odour, that usually indicates a clog in the system
  2. Gate or flap do no move freely, which is visible through the clear top of backwater valve

If you notice either of the two or both signs of disfunction are present, you need to call a professional from Tornado Plumbing. Also, we recommend replacing backwater valve if yours wears out. Oftentimes, it happens after a season of heavy rains. Generally we recommend checking it every 5 years. Many properties that are close to lake Ontario would benefit from having backwater valve installed. As, in rainy seasons or in spring snow will melt and municipal system will get overwhelmed and you will need extra protection. Moreover, even if your house is equipped with sump pump to avoid floods. You may want to install a backwater valve as a backup for your sump pump in case of failure.

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