You must have already come across the drain pipes in your home that were leaking badly. You know for sure how unpleasant this situation is. Think about real hazards and all that damage that is usually caused by it. It is still worse if the leakage goes unnoticed or ignored.

Sooner or later, it becomes worse and more extensive, and you will have nothing to do but call a professional plumber. Though, the cost of repairs, if the leakage is rather complicated, is much bigger and the consequences are more running and frustrating.

You can easily prevent such a course and development of your leaking situation, just for a short time, if you care about the state of your drain pipes, notice the leaking areas timely, and know how to fix the leakage on your own. Here are some useful recommendations and instructions on how to do such repairs at a much lower cost.

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1. As soon as you have noticed the leakage, block all the water from the pipe. You use the valve on the pipe that is damaged or even the main valve for the entire system if you see that the situation is rather bad. Turn off the valve to prevent any water from flowing into the pipe.

2. When you make sure that the water is blocked, turn on all the taps and faucets. That will reduce the excess pressure on the water line.

3. Before starting any repair procedures, check whether the surface around the damaged pipe is clean, dry, and free from debris. There may also be some sediment around. So, you need a dry cloth and some sandpaper to prepare the area for the repair.

4. The pipe should also be dry and clean before the repair starts. Use the clean and dry cloth to remove any moisture from the pipe. If you see some dirt or sediment on the surface, you should also use sandpaper to clear that all away.

5. Start taping up the pipe when everything is ready. The area covered with the tape should include approximately one or two inches around the leaking spot. Also, apply the tape immediately to the area of the leak. It should be fixed tightly and securely. You will need to add some extra layers of the tape above and below the leak. What you have to gain is stability and further leak prevention.

6. Now, you can open the taps and faucets. While the water is running, watch whether the pipe is still leaking or not to be sure that everything is OK.

All these recommendations above are meant for the very fast fixing of any pipe leak if it is not too complicated and extended. There are also some other ways and techniques for repairing pipe leakages at home. The materials and tools for them are available in most local hardware or household stores.

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The Use of Fibreglass-Resin Tape

1. As soon as you have acquired the tape in the local store, make sure that the pipe area is clean. If not, utilize the cloth and sandpaper as it is described above. Read the instructions provided by the tape manufacturer. First of all, you need to soak the tape in warm water as required.

2. After you have cleaned the surface of the pipe, apply the tape to it wrapping it around. Make the surface even with your hands wearing working gloves. The time for tape curing is also indicated in the instructions. Leave the tape to dry and cure for this period of time.

Utilizing Glue

1. Apply the same procedure of clearing the pipe’s surface and the area around with a dry cloth and sandpaper. Then, rub the surface with alcohol to remove any remaining particles or grease. Finally, clean the area dry again with the cloth.

2. You need to acquire the special glue for pipes. Put a thick layer of the glue on the surface paying special attention to the seams where the leak is observed. Leave it alone for drying.

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Use of Putty

1. A special pipe putty can also be purchased at the local hardware store. Clean the pipe’s surface and all the area around with the cloth, sandpaper, and alcohol as it was previously described or by following the instructions from the manufacturer.

Prepare a special mix using the manufacturer’s recommendations and the experience of your own. It should be left for some required time to sit and dry before using the pipe again.

Keep in mind that you need to fix any small leak before it gets bigger. There is always a danger of pipe bursting. And it is another story, a very unpleasant and upsetting one. All the mess that is usually caused by pipe burst and those huge repair bills you will have to deal with cannot be compared to some hours of your precious time that you will spend on your peace of mind and confidence that nothing worse can ever happen. If the leak is extensive and complicated from the very beginning, do not try to do anything about it on your own. You will need the help of a professional plumber.

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