If you want that your basement should always stay dry, it is better to prevent the sump pump problems than to solve them intensively when they have already appeared.

You can pay much more for the repair works if your sump pump goes out of order. You will need to fix it immediately because even a little water can result in huge damage.

5 Common Sump Pump Problems
5 Common Sump Pump Problems

First of all, it is important to know what a sump pump is and why you need to take care of it. The sump pump system is developed for pumping water from your house foundation through another pipe, a discharge one. When the sump pump is out of order, the basement can get flooded and the result of it is usually a costly redecoration. Even small amounts of water can lead to much damage, especially if the water is standing and your basement floor is covered with it. In a while, the situation can result in the appearance of nasty mold issues.

Do not wait until your wet basement dries out and the sump pump problems vanish like a bubble. It is always better to avoid such challenges. The first step to it is the correct and reasonable choice of your sump pump.

Here are some common sump pump problems you may encounter.

1.     The pump is overwhelmed

It happens when you didn’t pick out the correct size of your sump pump. Because of that, the equipment is not able to deal with big water volumes. The flooded basement can be an obvious outcome of this wrong choice. Think about another sump pump when a single item does not handle all the water.

2.     Burning out of the pump may happen

There are many reasons why the sump pump can become burnt out. Among them, let us highlight a wrong float switch, the underpowered and overworked pump, and many other causes connected with the incorrect choice. It is especially important to avoid cheap equipment made of inexpensive and undurable components and materials that do not last. They may fail any time right at the moment when you need their steadiness badly, for example, when the winter is extremely wet.

3.       The loss or outage of power leads to sump pump failure

The sump pump can lose its power because of some reason. Among the most common ones, let us mention the unplugged pump, power outage, or a tripped circuit breaker. There are some others but you should remember that no sump pump can work smoothly when there is no power or power outage happens too often.

4.     The intake is blocked

The intake can become clogged or blocked rather often. That does not allow the pump to extract water from a sump line or sump pit.

5.     The discharge line can also be clogged or frozen

The discharge pipe is a part of the equipment that takes water away from the home through the sump pump. This pipe can get clogged with roots or rocks, dirt or sand, and other kinds of garbage. The water in this discharge line can get frozen during the wintertime and block the system completely. 


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