When your sump pump has been working for a long time, its efficiency decreases. You will need to replace the pump with a new one. It is important to choose the appliance that will correspond by its technical specifications to that you are replacing. Read the user’s manual carefully because sump pumps can differ very much in their size and configuration. It is very important to make sure that you have picked out the appliance that will fit ideally your conditions. Be aware of the safety precautions and the peculiarities of the operational processes of the item you are choosing. In general you can spend no more than half an hour on Installing a sump pump if you do everything correctly. The tools for doing this job are not quite sophisticated. Everyone normally has them in their household.

Here are some important tips on the main steps of the installation process to make it smoother and more effective:

  • Start with detecting the lowest spot in your basement where most water is usually accumulated. Here, you will need to make a deep hole to submerse the sump pump in it. The hole should be the proper size to fit the pump you are going to install. The upper edge of the appliance should be aligned with the floor surface. To make such a hole, you will need some tools that you probably have at your disposal, for example, a sledge of jackhammer will work perfectly. You will easily cope with the concrete surface using them. Check the size of the hole you are making with the parameters of your sump pump to achieve a perfect fit.
  • Check whether your new pump has the weep holes in it. Usually, all the brand-new equipment of such type that is submerged in water has these holes. They are located on the sides and the bottom. If not, you will have to make such holes yourself. Utilize a drill for this. Wrap the exterior part of your sump pump basin with a layer of filtering fabric. Your basin will be protected from sludge or silt in this way.
  • Mind the float valve of the pump. It usually moves freely up and down to ensure the effective work of the appliance. Check whether you have adjusted it properly to provide the smooth work of the item. The main principle of the float’s work is rising to indicate the water level and become a signal for the pump to switch on and strat driving the water away from the basement. So, you need to check twice that there is not any obstacle for the float’s free movement because the system  should always be reliable enough to provide you with peace of mind.
  • Finally, after connecting the sump pump to the drainage system, you will have to test its work. To do that, fill the basin with water to the top. You will see the float rising to the upper level of water and the system turns on automatically. The water starts to be pumped out immediately. It means that you have got high-quality, reliable protection for your home. Remember that the ON position of the pump is needed when the system detects the excess water to start getting rid of it.

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Do not rush while installing a sump pump. The process will be much easier if you perform it in small stages. Never get confused and always think before starting the next step. Remember that you will have to ensure the reliable connection and mount all the details exactly in the places they are meant for. Check whether you have all the tools needed for the smooth installation in your household. You may need to acquire some additional equipment or just borrow it from your neighbors or friends. When you start the process and then find out that you are missing something needed for it, that may take you much more time and effort.

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