At Tornado Plumbing we work hard to fulfill all your plumbing needs, and offer the best plumbing service in Toronto and GTA. We use only high quality materials and all of our work is under warranty. By using the most recent plumbing and waterproofing technologies we ensure your plumbing work is done efficiently, quickly and with the best quality. We provide free estimates, competitive rates and help our clients get city rebates for installing back water valves and sump pumps.

Our services include waterproofing, fixing pipe bursts, plumbing repairs and renovation, backwater valve installation, concrete works, water service and repairs, drain camera inspections, drain snaking, underpinning (basement lowering) and other plumbing services.
With appointments booked at your convenience, and 24 hour emergency service, you’re sure to get the job done with Tornado Plumbing.

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Tornado Plumbing Reviews
Tornado Plumbing Reviews
I contacted Tornado Plumbing because of their positive reviews. After speaking with Serhei he put me at ease and I was confident he would do a great job, and he did. Sergei and his guys removed the old fixtures and put the new ones in perfectly. Being a condo, there are certain challenges to the work but they took care of everything and gave me nothing to worry about. I highly recommend Serhei and his company for being professional, courteous, and for doing excellent work.
Rob in Toronto
I had a problem with my kitchen drain and cartridge, my faucet needed to be replaced.... I found Tornado Plumbing on Google. Answered my call right away and they did an excellent job. Thanks again guys!
Lance Sanger in Brampton
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